We value tradition at State Property. And through our Bespoke Si Dian Jin service, we offer a balance of both tradition and currency, resulting in wearable pieces imbued with meaning.

See this through a precious story of a mother passing down her Si Dian Jin to her daughters.


The practice of a Mother giving a bridal gift to her daughters, is a tradition that we are proud to be a part of. Our client came to us with an arsenal of stones and gold, and asked us to separate and reset them into two sets, one for each of her daughters.

She spoke about her daughters, who they were, what they liked and the role of jewellery in each of their respective lives. With that in mind, we began to design the Si Dian Jin, or four points of gold.

First, we removed the stones and separated them into two groups. The gold was then weighed, with the value of the gold used to offset the cost of the new pieces. We then designed a pair of earrings, a necklace, a ring and a bangle for the two distinctly different personalities. We knew we wanted the pieces to embody a youthfulness whilst exuding a regality that befits the symbolic gesture.

We also wanted to design pieces that the client would want to continue to wear, and so we pursued versatility and timelessness. The resulting pieces are easy to wear, and designed to be as relevant today as they will be when the clients decide to pass them on to the next generation.

The White Gold Set

This set features cluster-set diamonds in gentle compositions, designed to dazzle, but with some restraint.


18K White Gold with White Diamonds

The Rose Gold Set

This set features clean, structured forms, as well as detachable dangling loops on the earrings. This set was designed to add some sparkle to the daily uniform.


18K Rose Gold and White Diamonds

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